The geoSnooper application allows you to record experiences from journeys using notes and pictures, associating them with specific geographical positions. The data are permanently recorded to an internal storage and you can thereafter view them directly in your phone as a route on a map or as a chronological sequence of events - a chronicle. Your experiences may be shared within a group of users whenever you grant a permission. Thus your family members and friends can observe your adventurous voyages virtually in real time. All of your own moving activity, but also activities of family members, business travelers from your company, taxi cars, trucks carting goods etc. can be traced retrospectively.

Thanks to data transmission between the internal database and the data center of the company TP+, there is also an opportunity of visualizating the journeys on a desktop computer with superior graphical facilities.

The database manipulation and data transmission to server are done automatically thanks to the way the application was designed. Hence all this need not bother you and you can focus only on documenting the journey itself.

Saving data to an SQL database brings a great comparative advantage. It enables many opprotunities of statistics and analysis concerning methods of movement, speed, lingering in pleasant localities etc. (limit of the data volume for free storage is 100 megabytes).

Key feautures

Key features
  • Easy to use.
  • User fredly user interface.
  • Share trip via e-mail.
  • Share trip via in group of people.
  • Satisitics

Supported devices

Windows phone deviceWe support Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices.